Oct 112018

DevOps Engineer (Linux RedHat Ubuntu Fedora CentOS SuSE Windows Server IIS Apache TomCat Tom Cat PowerShell Puppet Octopus TeamCity TFS Docker Kubernetes DevOps Systems Engineer Java .NET Dynatrace Continuous Integration Automated Deploymen…

Joseph Harry – Transporte

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Tipical Questions
Why Should I Hire You? The most overlooked question is also the one most candidates are unprepared to answer. This is often because job applicants don't do their homework on the position. Your job is to illustrate why you are the most qualified candidate. Review the job description and qualifications very closely to identify the skills and knowledge that are critical to the position, then identify experiences from your past that demonstrate those skills and knowledge.
Questions to ask
What have you enjoyed most about working here? This question allows the interviewer to connect with you on a more personal level, sharing his or her feelings. The answer will also give you unique insight into how satisfied people are with their jobs there. If the interviewer is pained to come up with an answer to your question, it’s a big red flag.